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He created them male and female. (Genesis  1:27-28) We share an exciting beginning. Made in God's image, we are brothers and sisters before we are lovers and mates. Our validity and value are born from this eternal relationship, making us sensitive to vast dreams, large horizons and creative impulses. In Genesis, we see two persons - a woman and a man - both reflections of God's being and purposes, prototypes of every other man and woman who have ever walked the long corridors of history. Be productive and nurturing, God tells us. Let life flow through you. Create! - children, families, crops, herds, goods, services, art forms, music, and communities. The whole world waits for our tender, loving care. Man and woman, care for My earth, God commands. We are to polish the earth, enrich it, and handle it with care. God created us and everything else good. Our job? To keep on reproducing God's image in everything we do and nurture God's good earth. List ways you are living in a productive and nurturing relationship.