Bible Readings for Couples


Our Love Keeps Growing

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" is becoming greater." 2 Thessalonians  1:3

Life would be so simple if our love just kept increasing as a matter of course. Then no one would "fall out of love," and the fires of passion would never cool. Each year we would automatically love each other more than we did the year before.

But it doesn't always work that way. Even the most compatible couples experience dry spells in their marriage. Romance yields to routine, and the rosy glow of sensual excitement dims. "What's happening to us?" is an unspoken question in both hearts. One may begin to feel sexually attracted to another person.

When you are committed to your marriage, a panicky desire to revive the old loving feeling possesses you. But the harder you work to fan the flames, the more desperate you feel. Love just won't be forced.

Paul links increasing love with growing faith. If you want your love for one another to increase, you need to focus on your relationship with the Lord. As the saying goes, "The more we love Jesus the more we love each other." That doesn't mean running to more Bible studies, attending more prayer meetings, or watching more religious telecasts. It means getting to know Jesus better through personal contact with His Word, His church, and His Spirit living in you.

Little by little we are able to say "I love you" with all our heart; once more our eyes meet with loving messages, and deeds are done that show how much we care. Love once more produces what it promises.


When We're Apart

Category: Bible Readings for Couples

" hard we tried to see you again!" 1 Thessalonians  2:17-20

The more we become one, the harder it is to be apart. Separation tears us in two.

Paul said the Thessalonians were his "reason for boasting" before the Lord Jesus. To be away from them for even a short time filled him with great desire to see them face to face. If friendship did this to him, how much more we who are joined in both body and spirit suffer when we are apart!

Is any bed so empty as the one which has been shared with our lover or any house more vacant than our own when our beloved is away? So deep is the hunger to be together that when death takes one partner away, the other often seeks passage on the same journey. To be without the other is somehow like being half-dead.

To minimize the loneliness of separation-to be absent "not in thoughts, of course, but only in body" (v.17)-one can tuck little love notes in the other's suitcase to be read at journey's end. Joining hearts in prayer at the same time every day (even allowing for time zone differences) helps overcome the pain of absence. Still, great desire to see each other "face to face" grows! Like opposite poles on a magnet, nothing can keep us from being drawn together across the miles. Face to face, we live again.