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A Loaf of Bread

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1 Chronicles  16:2-3 "He gave each man and woman in Israel a loaf of bread."

Women are just about invisible in the chronicler's record. That history of Israel is dedicated to the memory of men, their sons and their grandsons. Sometimes it seems that if women had not been needed to bear these sons and grandsons, the chronicler might not have mentioned them at all. Daughters remain nameless and without mention until we come to chapter 16.

If human history fails to record names, God remembers. If society ignores whole segments of God's people, God notices them. In the presence of the ark of God, everyone is included. GOD IS FOR EVERYONE! David knew that, so he ordered men and women to receive exactly the same portions: a loaf of bread, a portion of meat and some raisins.

Seekers will find the riches of the Scriptures. Just as we were ready to skip Chronicles in this book because we could find nothing that applied to couples, we fond what we sought. Like some raisins themselves, these verses were hidden in 1 Chronicles! In worship, women and men are brought together and given the same portions of God's gifts.

Satisfied, all the people departed to their homes (v. 43) to share their gifts. Go in peace. Serve the Lord.

How would you feel if 1 Chronicles never mentioned women?