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Rejoicing Love

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"It does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right." 1 Corinthians  13:6 True lovers want each other's success. They're not competitors, even if both share the same occupation or have similar goals in life. True lovers can rejoice when the other gets a break, wins recognition, or advances at work. True lovers genuinely feel sad when the other has any setback. True lovers encourage, wanting only the best for each other. I saw this clearly with one couple who had a new baby. The wife, not the homemaker type, had executive ability and held down a good job. Three months after the baby's birth, she returned to work. Her husbnad, a teacher, became a househusband until the child entered school. He was willing to let his own career slide into the background so his wife could advance herself. The husband was often teased about his choice. When he joined the work force again, he had trouble explaining to prospective employers why he had not worked for six years. Was it worth it for the couple? They both said, "We're happy. We would do it all over again if the situation arose." while that's an unusual incident, it illustrates rejoicing love, which is happy when the other has a chance at advancement or success, and is willing to let personal desires move into the background. Lovers find happiness with each other and they are happy because they make each other happy.