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Sun, May 29, 2011
Promises to stand on, promises to live for and promises to die with. Precious Promises of God.

Passages: 2 Peter 1:12-21, Genesis 2:1-25, Genesis 12:1-20, John 14:1-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-18, 2 Peter 3:1-7, Matthew 24:30
Sun, May 22, 2011
Promises to stand on, promises to live for and promises to die with. Precious Promises of God.

Passages: Matthew 24: 30-37, 2 Peter 3:1-7, 2 Peter 1:1-21, Hebrews 6:13, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 2:1-29, Romans 5:1-21, Ephesians 1:13-16, John 13:14-15, Galatians 5:22-26, Matthew 16:13-20, Acts 2:41-42, 2 Peter 3:18
Sun, May 15, 2011
It's estimated that this year, one out of six people in America will seek help from a friend, pastor, or counselor for depression. Depression affects the home, the church, the business community - Depression is everywhere. And surviving the dark days of depression requires a clear understanding both of its causes and its cures. This message does just that.

Passages: Psalm 38:1-22, 1 Kings 18:1-21, 1 Corinthians 1:8-9, 1 Peter 5:7, Galatians 6:2, Psalms 43:5, 1 Corinthians 10:13
Sun, May 08, 2011
This message looks at the life of one of the most famous mothers in all the Bible – Mary, the mother of Jesus. As a mother, Mary was a model of devotion: She was devoted to God; devoted to her husband; devoted to her children – a model for all mothers today!

Passages: Luke 1:1-80, Mark 3:1-35, Luke 2:1-52, John 19:25
Sun, May 01, 2011
This message will give the hearer a clear, Biblical understanding of the meaning, the importance, and the necessity of baptism in the life of the believer, as well as an examination of so-called infant baptism.

Passages: Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 2:38, Matthew 3:6, Matthew 3:16, John 3:23, Acts 8:38-39, Acts 2:1-47
Sun, Apr 24, 2011
All the world has to offer to us, are promises full of emptiness; All God has to offer to us, is emptiness full of promise – The empty cross, full of the promise of forgiven sins; the empty tomb, full of the promise of eternal life! Praise the Lord for these empty promises of Easter!

Passages: Luke 24:1-12, Matthew 28:1-6, Mark 16:1-7, John 20:1-29, Romans 10:13
Fri, Apr 22, 2011
There’s little question that the life of Jesus is an example to us. But have you ever considered that the death of Christ is also an example for us? As we hear the 7 last sayings of Jesus from the cross, we can clearly see that what He said in His dying, become principles for our living.

Passages: Luke 23:34, Luke 23:43, John 19:26-27, Matthew 27:46, John 19:28, John 19:30, Luke 23:46, 1 Peter 2:21, Luke 19:11, 1 Timothy 1:15
Sun, Apr 17, 2011
What really happened on that first Palm Sunday? Why was that day so significant, that we’re still observing this event in the life of Christ, some 2000 years later? This message will tell you “the rest of the story” of Christ’s Triumphal Entry.

Passages: John 12:12-19, Zechariah 9:9, Luke 19:41-44
Sun, Apr 10, 2011
Living in a world filled with heartache, misery, sorrow, and suffering, it’s comforting to know that we don’t have to bear those burdens alone – In fact, our Lord encourages us to give them all to Him for Him to bear for us. This message, shows us in very practical ways, how to do that.

Passages: 1 Peter 5:7-8, Romans 8:28, Isaiah 41:10, James 1:5, Philippians 4:13, Psalms 37:5
Sun, Apr 03, 2011
We sinners have a hard time facing up to our sin. We tend to avoid the subject. We try to describe it away, ignore it, and rationalize it out of existence. But what does GOD think about it? How does HE regard the sin in our lives? In this 2-part message, we’ll see what the Bible has to say about God’s attitude toward sin.

Passages: Zechariah 3:4, 1 Kings 8:38, 2 Corinthians 7:1, Leviticus 26:27, Acts 17:28, Jeremiah 13:23, Jeremiah 9:5, Genesis 19:1-38, Romans 5:12, Romans 3:10-12, Romans 3:23, Jeremiah 17:9, Ephesians 2:2-3, John 8:44, Jeremiah 44:4, 1 Thessalonians 1:10